Friday, January 20, 2012

Update: President Obama got our message

"It's very cold in New York tonight—but we're heated every time we think about what the banks have gotten away with."

–Regina McRae, MoveOn member and Wall Street survivor

Dear MoveOn member,

Like many Americans, Regina has been directly affected by the housing crisis—she lost her home. Fueled by our anger at Wall Street, she was one of thousands who gathered at local Obama campaign offices and big banks to urge the president to investigate Wall Street. Regina took her message right to President Obama's fundraiser at the Apollo Theater in New York City. Watch Regina in this short, powerful video report—then share it with friends: 

As the 99% chanted "Hold the banks accountable! Hold the banks accountable!" in Harlem, MoveOn members in 140 communities across the country demanded justice for the 99%—from blustery Grand Rapids, MI, to sunny San Diego, CA. Local TV news and newspapers came out to hear stories of struggling homeowners fed up with banks getting a pass—ensuring that big and small events reached a wide audience.

Dozens more braved frigid temperatures at Obama for America headquarters in Chicago to deliver all 360,000 petitions gathered by MoveOn, Credo Action, Color of Change, Progressives United, Campaign for America's Future, and The New Bottom Line.

Our work to hold Wall Street accountable isn't finished. We got the president's attention yesterday. Now we're counting on him to do what's right—investigate Bank of America, Chase, Wells Fargo, and others for their criminal conduct

You'll receive an email on Tuesday with the chance to send another message to the president right before he delivers the State of the Union address. If you have ideas for what we should do next on this campaign, email

Thanks for all you do.

–Elena, PaKou, Eric, Emily, and the rest of the team

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