Wednesday, July 11, 2012

2012 election kickoff in Inwood

We're launching MoveOn's national election strategy to win in November at 2012 Election Community Parties on July 21 and 22. Can you host a party in Inwood?

Throw an election party!

Dear MoveOn member,

Talk about a contrast in styles. 

This past Sunday, Mitt Romney held a $50,000-per-plate fundraiser at David Koch's mansion in the Hamptons. MoveOn partnered with allies to crash the party with 200 protesters, the "Romney-mobile" with a dog strapped to the roof, and a 99Airlines plane flying above with a "Romney has a Koch problem" banner. We grabbed national headlines and put the spotlight on Romney's connections to the 1%.1

That's what MoveOn's built to do—pit our people power against their big money. So instead of a lavish affair, we're launching our national election campaign with the exact opposite. On July 21 and 22, MoveOn members are throwing 2012 Election Community Parties—potlucks, backyard cookouts, and big community parties to fuel a 99% victory this fall.

MoveOn is 7 million members strong—twice as big as in 2008—and we know from experience that member-led parties are a smart way to leverage our size. Hundreds of MoveOn members are needed to throw parties so that tens of thousands more can attend and get ready for election season. Throwing a party is fun and rewarding, and hosts will get everything they need—from a detailed host agenda to a national prep call.

Can you throw a party to get MoveOn members in Inwood fired up for the election?

Yes, I want to throw a 2012 election party!

I can't host, but I do want timely election updates!

In 2008, MoveOn members helped Obama win by contributing $88 million and volunteering 21 million hours. This year, we're rolling out an innovative effort to register and turn out young people, single women, and people of color to vote in November. And MoveOn members will continue our campaign to expose Mitt Romney's 1% agenda as he crisscrosses the country.

With the amount of money Romney and GOP Super PACs are raising, this race will be close. In some states, it could come down to a few thousand votes—like in Missouri in 2008.2 Not only will every vote count, but every volunteer will too. If we can get an army of 99% volunteers ready for action by August, we'll have three months to do all we can to prevent disaster in November.

The plan starts with parties rooted in our communities. They're designed so that anyone—regardless of experience—can throw one. Have a small gathering in your living room, a potluck at the park, or a cookout in your backyard—it's up to you.

Can you host a 2012 election party on Saturday or Sunday, July 21 or 22?

I'll throw a party!

I can't host, but I do want timely election updates!

Thanks for all you do.

–Lenore, Ryan, Emily, Victoria, and the rest of the team


1. "Romney Mines the Hamptons for Campaign Cash," The New York Times, July 8, 2012

2. "The Electoral Map: Building a Path to Victory," The New York Times, accessed July 10, 2012

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