Friday, February 15, 2013

One gun owner's message to the NRA

Dear MoveOn member,

"The NRA doesn't speak for me."

That's what Ohio MoveOn member, parent, and gun owner Jerry Thompson has to say to Congress in a powerful new ad he just filmed. It will air on the Sunday talk shows and next week on cable news networks. The ad has already received great coverage from CNN, USA Today and The Huffington Post.1

After the Newtown massacre and the National Rifle Association's disgusting response, Jerry has had enough. 

The gun violence prevention fight is heating up in the Senate this month, and the NRA is getting ready to write checks.2 If millions of people see Jerry's ad, we can drown out the NRA's money and their message, and pave the way for real reform.

Watch this gripping ad and share it with everyone you know.

Jerry's ad

Since Newtown, MoveOn members have sprung into action, holding hundreds of events all over the country, generating more than 750,000 petition signatures calling for new and better policies to end gun violence, and donating just under $1 million dollars to the effort.

Jerry tells members of Congress that if they "take money from the NRA—and then continue to do their bidding—we're gonna remember that come election time." Share this video with your friends and family to prove Jerry right and beat the NRA.

Click here to share the ad with your friends and family online.

Thanks for all you do.

–Garlin, Susannah, Eric, Linda, and the rest of the team


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