Monday, June 24, 2013

Bank on Students: Thursday in Brooklyn

Join me in Brooklyn to stop student loan rates from doubling!

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Dear MoveOn member,

I'll get straight to the point: In 6 days, student loan interest rates are set to double, from 3.4% to 6.8%.

For the average American who owes $26,000 in college loans, that could translate to an additional $15,000 worth of interest payments—and another 6 years of debt.1

It isn't too late for Congress to take action and stop student rates from doubling ahead of the July 1 deadline—but if we're going to break through the partisan deadlock in Washington, we have to make our voices heard. 

That's why this Thursday, thousands of MoveOn members are taking action at congressional offices, outside banks, and on college campuses around the country and delivering a single message: Don't Double Student Loan Rates. 

Can you join us in Brooklyn? 

Yes, I'll be there!

No, I can't make it

Earlier this month, over 480,000 MoveOn members signed Senator Elizabeth Warren's MoveOn petition in support of her Bank on Students Loan Fairness Act, a bill to prevent student loan interest rates from doubling on July 1 by setting them at the same low rates as the big banks get.

Preventing student loan interest rates from doubling will not solve the $1 trillion student debt crisis, but it is an important first step. That's why with only 6 days to stop the rates from doubling, we need to ramp up our efforts one more time—and make sure our elected officials hear from us. 

Will you be a part of a MoveOn action in Brooklyn on Thursday to stop student loan interest rates from doubling? 

Yes, I'll be there!

No, I can't make it.

Thank you for all you do. 

–Anna, Carinne, Ilya, Susannah, and the rest of the team


1 "Student Loan Calculator," Democracy for America, accessed June 24, 2013

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