Monday, July 1, 2013

Movie party at your house in Inwood?

Oscar-nominated filmmaker Josh Fox is teaming up with MoveOn members to screen his new documentary Gasland Part II—a jaw-dropping exposé of the fracking industry. Don't miss this opportunity to learn the truth about fracking and join the national movement that's fighting back. You'll need HBO—or a friend with HBO—to host. Can you host a Gasland Part II Movie Party in Inwood on Sunday, July 14?

Host a Movie Party!
Dear MoveOn member,  

Imagine being able to light your Inwood tap water on fire.

That's a reality right now in communities across the country as the fossil fuel industry pushes our country into an all-out—and dangerous—"fracking" boom.1

Want to learn more about fracking and how to stop it? We've teamed up with Oscar-nominated filmmaker Josh Fox for a fun, informative, and sobering nationwide event to watch his new HBO documentary Gasland Part II on Sunday, July 14, and you can have a front row seat—in your own living room!

Fracking for gas and oil has been linked to water so contaminated that it catches fire, illness in residential neighborhoods, unusual earthquakes, dead livestock, and tanking property values. And the methane released by fracking is a far more potent global warming gas than carbon dioxide.2

The hopeful news is that MoveOn members are fighting back—and Gasland Part II gives us a powerful new weapon to grow our grassroots movement. That's why hundreds of MoveOn members are signing up to host a Gasland Part II Movie Party on Sunday, July 14.

Hosting a movie screening is easy and very rewarding. We'll provide a host guide with special materials, we'll help you recruit MoveOn members in your area to attend, and we'll invite you to join director Josh Fox and thousands of other MoveOn members for a special briefing after we view the film together. Because the film is only available right now on HBO, you'll need an HBO subscription—or a friend with HBO—to host a movie night. If you don't have HBO, we may be able to match you up with a MoveOn member near you who does.

Will you sign up to host a Gasland Part II Movie Party in Inwood on Sunday, July 14?

Yes, I'd like to host a Gasland Part II Movie Party.

No, I don't have HBO, and I'm not sure I have a friend who does.

Like Josh's first film, which made "fracking" a household word, Gasland Part II is catalyzing a movement—and if enough of our friends, families, and neighbors work together, we can build the large-scale movement we need to stop fracking. Since the original Gasland debuted in 2010, dozens of cities, towns, and counties—from Pittsburgh, PA to Mora County, NM—have passed local bans on fracking, and MoveOn members in 30 states have launched campaigns to stop this dangerous new form of fossil fuel extraction.3

Gasland Part II is only available on HBO right now, so if you'd like to host but don't have a subscription, ask your friends or family members who might have HBO to team up with you. If you do have HBO, sign up to help MoveOn members near you have the opportunity to watch this amazing film.

I'm hosting a movie party for my friends and neighbors—will you join me and host a Gasland Part II Movie Party in Inwood on Sunday, July 14th?

Yes, I'd like to host a Gasland Part II Movie Night on Sunday, July 14, and I have or can get access to HBO.

No, I don't have HBO, and I can't think of a friend who does. 

I had the opportunity to preview the film, and it gave me the chills. I grew up—and my mom still lives—just a few miles from the largest urban oil field in the country, in Los Angeles, where fracking is happening right now. Neighbors suspect that high rates of cancer are linked to toxic chemicals used in fracking—and they're organizing to stop the fracking from continuing.4

Earlier this week, in his first speech on climate change, President Obama stuck his neck out to reduce carbon pollution from coal-fired power plants, and MoveOn members have applauded him for that. But he also doubled down on propping up the oil and gas industries, even though scientists have shown that extracting and burning gas and oil could be far worse for the climate than coal.5

Banning fracking is the next frontier in the movement to protect our communities and our kids from climate change—and MoveOn members, with Josh Fox, are leading the way.

When people find out the truth about fracking, they rise up to stop it. The MoveOn community of 8 million members has the power to spread the truth, and organize to win.

Click here to host a Gasland Part II Movie Party on Sunday, July 14.

Thanks for all you do,

–Victoria, Manny, Bobby, Rosy, and the rest of the team

P.S. Check out the trailer for Gasland Part II here:


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