Thursday, June 18, 2009

Note from a neighbor in East Rockaway

This is a note from MoveOn member JoAnn W. in East Rockaway:


I'm writing you as one of your neighbors in East Rockaway, asking you to join me in supporting an emergency effort to strengthen the energy bill that's moving through Congress right now.

You may have heard that conservative Democrats, working with oil and coal lobbyists, have added some really nasty provisions to the energy bill. MoveOn is trying to generate enough citizen pressure to get the bill fixed, and they've asked for help funding their effort.

Time is of the essence, since the vote is only days away. I've already contributed, and I'm writing to ask you to do the same.

This bill is our big chance to switch America to clean energy—we can't stand by and let the dirty energy industry kill it.

To meet our goal, we need donations from 3 people in Inwood. Can you chip in?


JoAnn W.

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