Thursday, August 6, 2009

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MoveOn: The Movie is a new documentary telling the story of all the work we've done together. Check out the trailer—if you like it, you can buy a DVD from Brave New Films for just $20.

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Dear MoveOn member,

Six years ago, MoveOn gave an independent journalist/filmmaker named Alex Jordanov unprecedented access to the internal workings and the public campaigning that we all do together. 

Alex and his documentary team filmed for years, from the 2003 antiwar protests to the 2004 election to Hurricane Katrina to the 2006 midterms that saw Democrats retake Congress—all the way up to Obama's victorious election night last November. 

Now, MoveOn: The Movie is finally ready for the world to see. This is your story. It's all of our story. So Brave New Films, the company distributing the film, wanted to make sure MoveOn members were the first to see it. 

Check out the trailer here, and if you like what you see, you can buy a DVD from Brave New Films for just $20:

MoveOn: The Movie was created from years of intimate behind-the-scenes footage with MoveOn staff and members, members' home movies, archival footage, and interviews with political figures and celebrities both in support and opposition to MoveOn.

Preview audiences of MoveOn members have spoken extremely highly of the film. One woman said, "It was very emotional living the last 8 years again through the eyes of MoveOn in this film. Most people do not know the story of MoveOn, but MoveOn's story is America's story."

Another said, "[The film] reinforces the belief that each of us CAN do something to make a difference."

Watch the trailer here—and if you want to, pick up a copy of the DVD from Brave New Films:

Thanks for all you do.

–Justin, Lenore, Peter, Laura and the rest of the team

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