Monday, January 11, 2010

Cutting Obama off at the knees

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"Congress must not block the Clean Air Act's limits on global warming pollution."

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Dear MoveOn member,

It's hard to imagine, but a new sneak attack in the Senate could block much of the progress President Obama's made on global warming and force him to adopt President Bush's climate policy.1

President Obama has been cracking down on global warming under Clean Air Act provisions that Bush and Cheney ignored.

But an oil-state Republican senator has arranged a vote next week to block the Clean Air Act—and we could lose. Few in Congress even know this attack is happening. Senate Democrats aren't yet mobilized against it, and many are even considering going along with this Clean Air Act rollback.

That would be a crippling blow to progress on climate and clean energy. We can't let that happen. That's why we're aiming to get 150,000 signatures on this petition supporting the Clean Air Act by midnight tonight. If we hit our goal, we'll start delivering your signatures to the Senate first thing in the morning.

Sign this petition opposing efforts to block Obama's actions on clean energy. Clicking here will add your name:

The petition says: "Congress must not block the Clean Air Act's limits on global warming pollution."

The Clean Air Act requires strict limits on global warming emissions from all major sources.2 But for years the law has been ignored, letting polluters off the hook and keeping America hooked on oil and coal.

President Obama's Environmental Protection Agency is finally enforcing the Clean Air Act. As a result, we're on our way to seeing cars and trucks that get better gas mileage. The oldest and dirtiest coal plants will finally either clean up or shut down. And these rules will give a major boost to the clean energy jobs we need to rebuild our economy.3

But Big Oil and Coal lobbyists are demanding the Congress pull the plug on Obama. Senator Lisa Murkowski, an Alaska Republican and the #3 top recipient of campaign donations from oil companies and electric utilities, is leading the charge by pushing an amendment to block any efforts to enforce the Clean Air Act.4

The vote on Murkwoski's Clean Air Act rollback amendment is scheduled for next week. Right now it's too close to call, but we can stop it if enough of us speak out.

Take a minute to sign our petition opposing efforts to pull the plug on President Obama's enforcement of the Clean Air Act. Click here to add your name:

Thank you for all you do.

–Steven, Joan, Eli, Kat, and the rest of the team  

1. "Both Sides Gird for Bruising Senate Debate Over EPA Amendment," The New York Times, January 8, 2010

2. Massachusetts v. EPA, U.S. Supreme Court, April 7, 2007

3. "The Economic Benefits of Investing in Clean Energy," Political Economy Research Institute at the University of Massachusetts, June 18, 2009

4. "Open Secrets," The Center for Responsive Politics, accessed January 11, 2009

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