Thursday, December 2, 2010

It's immoral

We're aiming to raise $200,000 today for our "Millionaire Bailout Accountability Fund." We'll use the money to make members of Congress pay a steep political price at home if they vote to extend the Bush tax cuts for the rich. Can you chip in $5?

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Dear MoveOn member,

Two million jobless Americans are scheduled to lose their unemployment benefits between now and Christmas, because Republicans and some conservative Democrats say we can't afford to keep funding the program.1

But guess what? Most of those same members of Congress are supporting an extension of the Bush tax cuts for the rich—a $700 billion tax bailout for millionaires.

It's terrible economic policy, and just plain immoral.

That's why we're aiming to raise $200,000 today for a "Millionaire Bailout Accountability Fund"—money we'll set aside for rallies and hard-hitting ads targeted at members of Congress who vote for more millionaire tax breaks while doing nothing to help struggling families.

We want them to know NOW—before they vote—that we have the money to make them pay a steep political price at home. Can you chip in $5? Click here to donate:

With your help, here's some of what we could do together:

  • An ad blitz in their home districts: We'll run hard-hitting ads in their districts calling them out by name for putting millionaires ahead of working families. And we'll invest in targeted research to make sure we use the most effective messages out there to really get noticed at home.

  • A major grassroots push: We'll organize rallies in front of their local offices with people who had their unemployment benefits cut off and other Americans who are hurting because of the economy. We'll also reach out to influential community leaders and get them to speak out against the vote and really turn up the pressure locally.

  • A coordinated town hall program: We'll work with progressive allies across the movement to get huge crowds of constituents out to town hall meetings to let Congress know directly how we feel. We'll work with progressive partners to make sure that members of Congress hear about this vote everywhere they go.

If you chip in $5, that will help give us the resources we need to hold senators and representatives accountable for voting for a millionaire bailout while leaving regular people out in the cold. Click here to donate:

Thanks for all you do.

–Nita, Michael, Laura, Steven, and the rest of the team


1. "If Congress Fails to Act: Fact Sheet on the Cut-off of Federal Unemployment Benefits," National Employment Law Project, November 23, 2010

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