Friday, January 21, 2011

Your hopes, wishes, and prayers for Rep. Giffords

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Dear MoveOn member,

I'm Julie, and I work with the local MoveOn Council in Tucson, Arizona and I wanted to tell you about a moving event we held this past Tuesday.

Normally, local MoveOn councils organize rallies, district meetings, and other grassroots events. But this Tuesday we were doing something very different. We had the honor of delivering the thoughts, feelings, well wishes, hopes, and prayers of thousands of MoveOn members nationwide to our Congresswoman.

In the days since the tragic events of January 8th, MoveOn members like you showed their support and well wishes with a get well card for the Congresswoman. There were more than 140,000 messages—enough to fill three LARGE three ring binders. We presented these to the Congresswoman's staff along with a heartfelt message of thanks and support for all of their service and dedication.

Let me assure you, there was not a dry eye in the office at the end of our meeting.

Many of our council members have gotten to know Rep. Giffords and her staff through our efforts to get out the vote and our work on issues such as health care reform. We have always been impressed with the enthusiasm, openness and dedication shown by the Congresswoman's office and were not at all surprised to find staffers hard at work, serving their constituents as always.

This in turn has inspired our Council members. We know that even in times of reflection and sorrow, our best hopes can be realized if we continue to work for change and look toward the future. We must, as always, counter the tides of negative rhetoric with fact, reason, love, hope, and dignity.

Best wishes to you all,

Julie Jennings Patterson 

Council Coordinator, Tucson MoveOn

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