Monday, June 20, 2011

How much more pain?

We can't wait for Washington. We need our own people-powered movement to rebuild the American Dream. It launches in days and comes to homes across America in a few short weeks—if you can help. Can you chip in $5 right away?

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Dear MoveOn member,

America's in a tough spot right now. So many people are hurting. Yet in Washington and our state capitols, the big debate is about how much more pain to inflict. How many teachers to fire. How many new tax breaks to give the rich.

It's pretty clear by now that we can't wait for Barack Obama, or the Democrats, to save us. But the one thing that might turn things around is an honest-to-God mass movement—something on the scale of the civil rights movement or the antiwar movement—built around a vision of an economy that works for all of us, not just the top 2%.

So today we're launching a $1 million fundraising drive for one of the biggest things we've ever tried—joining with dozens of other progressive organizations to lift up a new, grassroots movement to rescue the economy and bring the American Dream within reach for all Americans.

I can't promise you it'll work. But we have some good ideas and I know you'll have lots more. And with how bad things are going, we've got time to do something really big. Can you chip in to get this off the ground?

Yes, I can donate $5 to help rebuild the American Dream.

Here's how we'll start:

  • We can't will the fight to rebuild the American Dream until we unite around a clear, progressive economic vision. So in July we'll go from town to town and door to door to engage hundreds of thousands of people in a crowd-sourced process to build that vision from the ground up.
  • Then we need to go out and fight for that that vision—for new programs to create good jobs and rescue homeowners, for strengthening Medicare and Social Security instead of slashing them, for investment in green tech and infrastructure, for making sure corporations and the very rich pay their fair share so we can afford these things.
  • It'll require every ounce of energy and creativity we all have—so we'll build an "open source" campaign, with tactics and actions limited only by our imaginations. We'll use culture, art, direct action and mutual aid—and work simultaneously for change in our own neighborhoods and the national level.
  • We'll support the leadership of those on the front lines who can make the moral case for change: teachers like those who led the fight in Wisconsin, long-term unemployed folks, students graduating off a cliff without a prayer of finding a good job.
We know we can't do it alone, so in the last few weeks, we've been talking with organizations representing tens of millions of progressives about organizing together under the same banner. There's a ton of excitement—but we need the resources to get it going.

Can you chip in $5 to help launch this movement?

It's been said that "we are the ones we've been waiting for." Well, it's time to stop waiting. Let's launch something big enough to turn the country around.

Thanks for all you do.

–Justin, Eli, Tim, Lenore, and the rest of the team

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