Thursday, November 3, 2011

Saturday: Make Wall Street Pay in Mineola

You're Invited:
Make Wall Street Pay:
Saturday in Mineola

Host: John M., MoveOn member

Where: Chase Bank (in Mineola)

When: Saturday, Nov. 5, at 11:00 AM

Can you come?
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I'll be there
I can come.

Can't make it
Not this time, but keep me updated on the campaign.

What: The big Wall Street banks have been getting away with killing our economy, our jobs, and the American Dream. But on Saturday in Mineola and across the country we finally Make Wall Street Pay. We'll protest the Main Street branches of the Wall Street banks, urging their customers to move their money to the small banks and credit unions that are investing in our communities. Can you join us?  

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