Thursday, April 26, 2012

99% vs. Bank of America in Inwood

We're organizing protests to amplify the message of people protesting at the Bank of America shareholders meeting in Charlotte, N.C. Can you host a protest at a Bank of America in Inwood on May 9?

Host A BofA Protest!

Dear MoveOn member,

This is what the 99% Spring is all about: 

On Tuesday in San Francisco, Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf got an unexpected welcome to his own annual shareholders meeting: a thousand people in the streets protesting and activist shareholders on the inside interrupting his speech with a "mic check" of their demands.1

The same day, hundreds of people in Detroit mobilized for the annual GE shareholders meeting to demand that GE do more to rebuild the economy. Twenty people disrupted CEO Jeff Immelt's remarks with chants of "pay your fair share."2 

Next up: Bank of America's annual meeting on May 9. In Charlotte, N.C.—BofA's HQ—thousands of people will rally outside the meeting so that CEO Brian Moynihan hears that the 99% want BofA to do more to help homeowners avoid foreclosure, get its money out of politics, and invest its profits to help rebuild the same economy that bailed Bank of America out. 

Progressives have spent months planning a major showdown in Charlotte, and we can help amplify their voices and change the national conversation by protesting Bank of America in our own communities on May 9. The crowd in Charlotte is standing up for all of us against the biggest bank in the country—and some community members will risk arrest. So we need to rally national suport and make sure their voices are heard far and wide.

Can you organize a protest at a Bank of America in Inwood on May 9? 

Yes! I can organize an event!

Remember when Bank of America backtracked on fee hikes after major public pressure?3  Imagine if the public knew just how bad Bank of America actually is for the 99%. Here's the short list: 

  • They haven't paid federal income taxes for the past three years.4
  • They're a foreclosure leader and a cause of the crisis, illegally foreclosing on more than 8,000 homes.5
  • They're the biggest financer of dirty coal, pumping more than $4.3 billion into the coal industry in the past two years.6
  • Last but not least, they've spent over $20 million in lobbying and political campaigning since the 2008 elections—with our bailout money!7

The more light we can shine on their bad corporate practices, the better our chances to hold big companies like Bank of America accountable. By standing together with activists in Charlotte, we're also showing our movement's strength through solidarity.

Can you help send a powerful message to Bank of America—the biggest bank in the U.S.—by hosting a protest in Inwood on Wednesday, May 9?

Yes, I can host an event in solidarity with the protesters in Charlotte!

Thanks for all you do.

–Elena, PaKou, David, Holly, and the rest of the team

P.S. It's really easy to organize an event. Once you create an event, you'll get access to a Host Guide and priority emails with tips and materials to help you organize a powerful protest.


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