Thursday, May 10, 2012

Move Your Money

Don't let Wall Street's Big Banks make their profits off your back—pledge to move your money to a credit union or local bank.

Move Your Money!

Dear MoveOn member,

I'll admit it, I didn't move all my money last November—although I did switch my savings account to a local credit union. But with a whole month in which to do it this time, I'm taking the plunge and moving every last dime.

May is Move Our Money Month, and you can be part of the grassroots push to take our money out of the hands of the Big Banks whose greed and fraud crashed the economy, and move it into responsible locally owned and controlled community credit unions and banks.1

Last year, 650,000 people moved $4.5 billion from Wall Street's Big Banks into local credit unions and small banks.2 If you haven't yet, now you have a second chance to make the Big Banks pay.

Pledge to move your money to a local credit union or community bank.

If you've already moved your money, report it here.

Moving our money to local credit unions and banks makes a direct bottom-line impact on Big Banks. And because Wall Street's political power comes from its money, the more money we move, the more we put power back into the hands of the people.

I hope you'll join me and thousands of other members of MoveOn, The New Bottom Line, The Other 98%, and other progressives who are fed up with handing our money over to the same banks that are foreclosing on our homes, hitting us with unfair fees, and refusing to loan money to local businesses.3

Pledge to move your money to a local credit union or community bank.

If you've already moved your money, report it here.

Moving our bank accounts to credit unions and small local banks helps to ensure that our money is managed responsibly and put to work helping our communities prosper, not just to helping billionaires profit.

Thanks for all you do.

–Elena, Robin, Victoria, Carrie, and the rest of the team

P.S. Want to do even more? Help your school, church, business, or organization move its money, too.


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