Friday, March 8, 2013

Will you take Gov. Cuomo's call?

Dear MoveOn member,

We thought this message from our friends at Fair Elections for New York was important enough to pass along:

Big money in politics is standing in the way of real action on issues, from raising the minimum wage to tackling climate change. New York has a chance to be a national leader by passing Fair Elections this year.

If we want a government that gives voice to the people, and not just big campaign donors, it's time to end big-money politics by enacting citizen funded elections.

This Monday at 7PM, Governor Andrew Cuomo will join us for a special telephone town hall about Fair Elections for New York, and we need you to call in.

Click here to sign up:

The campaign to create a small donor matching system is rapidly gaining steam. Putting elections back in the hands of voters is within reach.

What activists like you do in your communities over the next few months will determine whether we win or lose.

On the call, you'll hear from Governor Cuomo about why he wants Fair Elections, get the latest update on activity in Albany, and we'll get you tapped into all the activity happening on the ground.

We have the chance to reform the way money controls politics and increase the power of voters, instead of leaving the process in the hands of big money interests that currently dominate Albany.

The call will take place on Monday, March 11th at 7:00 pm. We need you to join us.

Click here to sign up:

Thank you,

–Joe Dinkin, The Fair Elections for New York Campaign

The text above was written by Fair Elections for New York, not by MoveOn staff, and they are responsible for the content. It's part of a new effort to pass on critical updates from other progressive groups. Fair Elections for New York didn't pay for this—we never rent or sell the list. This email was sent through the MoveOn system, so your personal contact info was kept private. But this event is organized by Fair Elections for New York—MoveOn is not a sponsor or funder of the event—and if you sign up you'll likely get updates directly from them in the future.

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