Thursday, May 23, 2013

Public financing is down to the wire--join us for Lobby Day?

New York is on the verge of passing a Fair Elections package that could bring public financing to our entire state. Can you join the final push at Fair Elections Lobby Day in Albany next week? There's a bus leaving from Woodside at 8:15 AM next Wednesday.

Yes, I can attend

Dear fellow MoveOn member,

If democracy is to survive, we must stop selling public policy to the highest bidder. That's why a core group of New York MoveOn leaders has taken up the challenge of changing the status quo in Albany.

Working with the statewide Fair Elections Coalition, we've gathered more than 7,000 signatures and we're organizing a rally or demonstration every week until the current legislative session ends or we get Fair Elections passed! Will you help?

With the Fair Elections Coalition, we are recruiting members all across the state to join us in Albany on Wednesday, May 29 for Fair Elections Lobby Day

There's a bus leaving from Woodside at 8:15 AM on May 29. Can you join us for Lobby Day?

Yes, I can visit the Capitol to fight for Fair Elections.

No, I can't but I'll sign and share the petition.

There are buses and carpools coming from every corner of the state, and the fun will begin at 11 AM with a rally on the Million Dollar Staircase at the New York State Assembly.

After lunch (provided), we'll visit our state senators and Governor Cuomo to ask them to do what's right for democracy—Pass Fair Elections for New York NOW!

We need this to be the biggest event Albany has seen since last year's mega anti-fracking rally. Can you help make it happen?

Yes, I'll be there!

I can't, but I'll sign and share the petition right now.

Thanks for all you do to make the changes we need!

–Susan, Joe, Lisa, Betty and the rest of the team

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