Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Debate + MoveOn + new tool = fun

You're in a select group of MoveOn members we've emailed to help test out a cool new app that will gather instant feedback on how the presidential debate is going. Will you sign up to help?
Dear MoveOn member,

Are you planning to watch tonight's Democratic presidential debate?

If your answer is yes, can you help test out a fun and easy new tool we're building to catch the pulse of progressives during the debate? 

Here's what this is all about: Our new chief technology officer has built a "snap poll" that allows us to ask you live questions about the debate as it's happening—and allows you to answer in real time. It then adds up the responses of MoveOn members around the country and shows our community's collective response, all in real time.

We think reporters, MoveOn members, and even the candidates' campaigns will love it—and we need to give it a test run before we roll it out for primetime.

All you'll need is an Internet or Wi-Fi connection and a computer or smartphone that you can have with you as you watch the debate. And we ask that you fill out a short, three-minute survey that we'll email to you at the end of the debate tonight.

So, can you help?

Yes, I'll test this new tool during tonight's debate!

Once you sign up, we'll send you an email with the link to get started just before the debate starts.

Remember, the debate starts tonight at 8:30 pm ET (7:30 CT/6:30 MT/5:30 PT) on CNN. You can watch it on TV if you have CNN, or you can stream it live at cnn.com.

We've emailed only a handful of MoveOn members with this opportunity—and I hope you'll take us up on it. MoveOn has been rolling out new, game-changing tech tools to enhance our democracy for 17 years, and this is your chance to help us roll out the next one!

Click here to sign up to be one of just a handful of MoveOn members testing out our new debate snap poll tonight.

Thanks for all you do.

–Victoria, Jadzia, Nick, Brian, and the rest of the team

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