Sunday, July 16, 2017

When they come for___, will you stand up?

MoveOn is looking for people in every state to respond immediately in moments of national crisis. MoveOn is looking for people in every state to respond immediately in moments of national crisis.

Dear MoveOn member,

We know that Donald Trump is erratic and dangerous. In the aftermath of North Korea's recent ballistic missile test, it's not hard to imagine him responding to international conflict—or an attack within the U.S.—with a dramatic military escalation or an assault on Americans' civil liberties.1
At such a moment, MoveOn members will be called on to mobilize rapidly and strategically to disrupt a domestic crackdown or block a march to war. Let's not wait to prepare the sharpest, most effective response.
Eddie, MoveOn is assembling a group of trained MoveOn members in every state who will be ready to jump into action and help respond within a matter of hours in the event of a national or international emergency.
Are you someone who could take action to stop a rush to war or help stop an unconstitutional domestic crackdown? If you're raising your hand, then click here to help your community respond in an emergency.
MoveOn's goal is to assemble a team of volunteers within the next two weeks. Then, if there is a moment when Trump attempts to rush us to war or attacks our communities, we will be ready to spring into action with events around the country that will send a clear message to Trump, Washington, and the world: Not on our watch! 
MoveOn will join with allies to offer trainings and equip community volunteers to mobilize together quickly. This network will take on local organizing all over the country, share plans and ideas, and be visible in standing together for peace, diplomacy, and civil rights and liberties.
Are you or is someone you know interested in helping your community respond in an emergency? Then click here right now! We can't afford to wait another day.

Look: There's reason to believe that this type of escalation could come, and, possibly, quite soon. 
As the investigation into Russia's interference with our 2016 election pushes Trump deeper into a corner, he may be actively looking for an emergency that can be exploited to turn the country's attention away from his misdeeds. That's just how he thinks; remember, he once tweeted that Obama might launch a strike in Iran or Libya to boost his popularity.2

What's more, Trump has made repeated threats to use massive force—even nuclear force—in response to national and global problems.3 And he's making good on his threats already.4 He's on his third attempt to implement a Muslim ban.5 He approved the use of the "mother of all bombs" in Afghanistan.6 He asked Congress to increase the current $611 billion military budget by another $54 billion.7 And his escalation of armed conflicts in Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan has been both erratic and deadly.8 

We're campaigning against Trump's agenda every day. And on some fronts, we're winning. But we'll need MoveOn members to respond at an unprecedented scale and with incredible speed during an emergency moment—these teams of trained volunteers will help lead local efforts to respond peacefully, lawfully, and effectively, whether that's bringing community members into the streets, organizing vigils or rallies, standing in solidarity with a targeted community, or promoting alternatives to knee-jerk militarism and authoritarianism.

Click here to sign up to be trained to help your community respond in an emergency.

Thanks for all you do.

–Jo, Jessica, Alex, Gabby, and the rest of the team


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