Friday, January 25, 2019

Call Rep. Meeks to stand strong in shutting down the wall and opening the government!

Dear MoveOn member,
The Senate Republicans failed again. They failed to stand up to Trump, to shut down his attempt hold the country hostage over his racist wall, and to reopen the government for all of us.
Even though six Republicans broke rank and joined with Democrats to vote for a measure to reopen the government without funding Trump's racist wall, giving it more votes even in the Republican-controlled Senate than Trump's own plan, the bill still failed—leaving nearly a million federal employees and contractors and their families in financial crisis as this shutdown persists.1
While this is a failure in leadership among Republicans, we know pressure will increase on Democrats in the House, who are hearing the horror stories of those impacted by the shutdowns—and an increasing number of Beltway pundits will call on Democrats to "compromise."
But any kind of deal with a racist madman pushing a white supremacist agenda is a moral compromise that will further divide and harm our country—especially communities most vulnerable to Trump's attacks and racist policies. Democrats need to hear from all of us to stand strong.
Please call Representative Gregory W. Meeks and say: "As long as you're holding strong against Trump's attempts to divide us, we've got your back! Keep pushing to reopen the government while refusing to pay Trump's ransom, shutting down his wall, and not giving in to his anti-immigrant agenda! We stand with workers, immigrants and asylum-seekers!"
Here's where to call: 1-855-971-0565
On Tuesday, January 29, we're taking action all across the country to send this message—to support Democrats who stand strong and demand Republicans rebuke Trump and his agenda! But so much can change, and the pressure is growing each day, which is why it's essential to call today.
So far, Democrats have stood strong—and there's no reason to break now. Polls show that Americans blame Trump and Republicans for this shutdown.2 His approval ratings are at an all-time low.3 Americans don't want money wasted to appease his fearmongering.
Democrats need to stand up for immigrants and asylum-seekers as well as for government workers and contractors, and for all of us who rely on a functional federal government.
Tell House Democrats: Reopen the government without funding Trump's wall or paying a ransom to his anti-immigrant agenda! We've got your back as long as you stand strong!
Can you call Rep. Meeks now? Here's where to call: 1-855-971-0565
—Emma, Mark, Erica, Erik, and the rest of the team
P.S. If you can't make a call, you can text RAGE to 668366 in order to send a message about your opposition to this shutdown and Trump's anti-immigrant agenda, and we'll share it with your senators.
1. "Collapse of Two Plans to End Shutdown Propels Urgent Negotiations," The New York Times, January 24, 2019
2. "Trump's approval rating sinks in new poll as he gets most of blame for shutdown," Chicago Tribune, January 25, 2019
3. Ibid.

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