Saturday, October 23, 2010

Calling to Restore Sanity

Dear MoveOn member,

With 10 days left until the election, polls show that Republicans could be on the verge of taking over Congress.

Jon Stewart is right: We desperately need to restore sanity in this country. But a rally alone isn't gonna do it—we've got to do everything we can between now and Election Day.

So on Saturday, October 30th, MoveOn members are gathering at hundreds of "Restore Sanity" parties where we'll watch Stewart's Rally to Restore Sanity happening live in Washington, D.C., and then call other MoveOn members who live near critical congressional races and sign them up to get out the vote.

People need a place to gather in Inwood—can you open up your home to host a Restore Sanity call party on October 30th? Click here to sign up:

Yes, I can host a Restore Sanity Watch and Call Party

Hosting is fun and simple—check out what one new host had to say:

"I had questions about the process, so, I attended a call party. The people there were very friendly, informative and made me feel at home. It was there I made the decision to host. It's so simple. Don't hesitate, let's get busy. Remember, united we stand!"

Anyone can do it—and it makes a huge impact. This is our last chance to turn out volunteers that could help make the difference in crucial races—so please, sign up to host today! Click here:

Yes, I can host a Restore Sanity Watch and Call Party

Thanks for all you do.

–Kat, Duncan, Lenore, Tim, and the rest of the team

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