Friday, October 1, 2010

Host a party in Inwood?

We need to act now to stop the takeover of Congress by Republicans and their corporate allies. So we're holding "Yes We Can!" parties from coast to coast, where we'll mobilize volunteers in critical congressional races. Can you host a party in Inwood next weekend?
Dear fellow MoveOn member,

Remember how you felt the night of November 4, 2008?

I do. Elated is the best word I can think of. And it wasn't just electing a president I believed in, or the history made by the first African American president.

It was that we made it happen. Millions of regular people across the country, knocking on doors, calling voters, going to rallies, or donating five or ten bucks. We turned "Yes We Can" from a slogan into reality.

Today, two years later, we've got to do it again. With Republicans and their corporate allies pouring millions into defeating our progressive heroes and taking control of Congress, we're facing an outright takeover—unless we stop them.

So we're gathering for "Yes We Can!" parties all over the country on October 9th and 10th, where MoveOn members will come together to call thousands of potential volunteers in key congressional districts nationwide.

We need a place in Inwood for people to make calls together next weekend. Here in Austin, I've been involved with a bunch of parties over the years, so I can assure you it's simple to host, and MoveOn will give you all the tools and tips you need.

Like I said, hosting is simple, and a lot of fun—call parties are some of the best times I've had volunteering with MoveOn over the years here in Austin.

And the impact is huge. This year, we're aiming to make over 500,000 calls to help recruit volunteers for candidates in tough races, including progressive heroes like Barbara Boxer, Russ Feingold, Alan Grayson, Tom Perriello, and more. The more parties people host, the more people there are calling potential volunteers—and the more boots on the ground there will be to make sure these progressives have the grassroots power they need this election.

As a party host, you'll give people in your neighborhood a place to gather to make a big impact on the upcoming election. Here's what to expect:

  • You'll invite friends and family, and MoveOn will email people nearby to invite them as well. 
  • We'll ask everyone to wear their Obama gear from 2008, if they'd like—t-shirts, hats, buttons—and we'll watch a quick video from the 2008 election to remind us all of the power we have to make change.
  • MoveOn organizers will provide clear materials to walk you through the event, including scripts and lists of names and numbers. There's even live volunteer support if you have questions during the party.

It's simple, but so important, to host a party. Because of you, folks in your area will have a place to gather together to make a serious impact on the upcoming election. 

Can you host a "Yes We Can!" party on October 9th or 10th in Inwood? Click here to get started:

Thanks for all you do.

–Stephanie Hamm
  MoveOn Regional Coordinator
  Austin, TX

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