Thursday, March 1, 2012

Fox News vs. Barack Obama

Fox News and the Republican Super PACs are planning to spend millions to smear President Obama this election. But we've got a groundbreaking plan to counter their lies and set the record straight. Can you chip in $5?

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Dear MoveOn member,

Did you hear? Barack Obama's a socialist food-stamp president waging a war on religion. He's also a secret Muslim who wants to turn America into Europe. And don't forget the death panels.

That's the kind of junk you can hear every day on Fox News and the rest of the right-wing media. And after Citizens United, Republican Super PACs will have unlimited corporate money to create an even bigger tidal wave of misinformation.

Make no mistake—the threat we face this election season isn't just Mitt Romney or Rick Santorum. It's the massive amounts of secret corporate money that will be spent on false, negative ads attacking President Obama and every other progressive candidate.

But we've got a plan to fight back. Over the last year we've been quietly developing a groundbreaking plan to counter these lies through social media sites like Facebook and Twitter—where millions of people now get their news, bypassing the corporate media.

The results so far have been amazing. There have been 65 million views (!) in the last year. We increased our web traffic tenfold. And we tripled our audience of Facebook fans who can spread the word. But to counter Fox's lies this election, we need to raise $200,000 to pay for the researchers, editors, and developers necessary to ramp up.

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Here's an example of how it works: Just a couple weeks ago, President Obama announced his new policy to make sure all women have access to contraception. Republicans fought back, trying to frame Obama's position as somehow an attack on religious liberty.

Then, that famous picture came out of the men-only panel discussing women's contraception before Congress. MoveOn, along with our allies, pushed it out on Facebook and Twitter, and pretty soon it was everywhere. Almost instantly, that one photo changed way the debate was framed and put the Republicans on defense. 

That's how we can beat Fox and win the message war. So here's the plan going forward: Every day, a team of 50 MoveOn volunteer editors will collect the most timely and persuasive progressive news and opinion from around the web. Graphics debunking Republican lies about the economy. Live video coverage of the Occupy movement. Inspiring footage of progressive heroes. And much more.

Then we'll push the most timely and persuasive stuff out to hundreds of thousands of people, who share it with millions more.

We believe that people-powered media, funded by people like us, can be a secret weapon against the conservative noise machine. But we need to raise enough to expand our ability to find, produce, and test terrific content. Can you chip in $5?

Yes, I can give $5.

Thanks for all you do.

–Angie, Carrie, Brandon, Danny, Linda, and the rest of the team


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