Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Next week: Help me save our homes

President Obama can throw underwater homeowners a lifeline and help millions keep their homes. Can you host an event on Thursday, March 15, to help save Inwood homes?  

Host an event!

Dear MoveOn member,

My name is Lisa F., and I'm a MoveOn member in Philadelphia. For years, I lived the American Dream: I had a successful career and became a proud homeowner. Then, like millions of Americans, I saw the economic collapse turn my dream into a nightmare.

After I lost my job and could no longer afford my monthly mortgage payment with Freddie Mac, I applied for a loan modification. But they repeatedly denied my application due to "missing paperwork." And more recently, I almost lost my home because a call agent made a 35-cent error when processing my payment.

It makes no sense for Freddie Mac to sabotage homeowners like me. The housing crisis caused the economic collapse, and it's time Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae worked for, not against, millions of homeowners. But they're not going to do it on their own. 

That's why it's so important that we take action now. Can you organize a simple rally in Inwood next Thursday, March 15 to Save Our Homes?

Yes, I can lead an event!

President Obama has the power to change this—by forcing government-run Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae to help homeowners reset their mortgages to the current value of their homes. That's why on Thursday, March 15, thousands of people will rally and deliver petitions to Obama for America campaign offices asking the president to throw underwater homeowners a lifeline. In places where there aren't OFA offices, we'll gather in front of Wall St. bank branches, city centers, and homes facing foreclosure.

Being able to afford my home would mean I could sleep at night and not worry where I'll go if I lose my house. And since 60% of mortgages are held by Fannie and Freddie, millions of hardworking Americans could be helped if the president takes immediate action. I'm lucky enough to still be in my home, and it's time we come together to make sure no one else loses theirs. Hosting an event is easy—MoveOn will provide you with the petitions and other support materials.

But there still isn't an event near you.

Can you organize an event next Thursday to make sure your community's voice is heard?  

Yes, I can lead an event on Thursday, March 15!

Thanks for all you do. 

–Lisa F., MoveOn member

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