Sunday, December 30, 2012

How are we doing?

Dear MoveOn member,

People have lots of different ideas about what is, but the answer is actually quite simple: MoveOn is an organization designed to help regular people have a powerful voice in politics.

MoveOn's power and direction come entirely from members like you. The type of work we do together and the issues that we focus on aren't decided by MoveOn's (small) staff, they're decided by MoveOn members.

One of the main ways that happens is using surveys like this one.

Can you take a moment to tell us how you think MoveOn is doing and help set our course together?

This particular survey is sent out to a few thousand randomly selected members each week and every MoveOn member receives this survey at least once a year. Your feedback helps the staff understand what members want to work on this week, and how you're feeling about politics and progressive issues.

Your answers will help determine MoveOn's future course of action, so please give the unvarnished truth. If the staff need to be doing better work in a certain area, say so! 

Please fill out the survey here:

Thanks for all you do.

–Justin, Stephen, Carrie, Anna, and the rest of the team

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