Thursday, December 27, 2012

RE: Drop by on Thursday?


Just a reminder that this is happening today—and we need all hands on deck. Can you drop by Rep. McCarthy's local office today with the message: Don't cut Social Security benefits!

Click here to sign up:

Here's the address for Rep. McCarthy's office:

300 Garden City Plaza, Garden City, NY 11530

You'll be joining more than 1,600 other MoveOn members around the country delivering a message to members of Congress on their first day back to work that they must not cut Social Security benefits, and that they must not let the interests of millionaires and billionaires stand in the way of tax cuts for 98% of Americans.



P.S. Check out the easy suggestions below for how to deliver your message.

I'm taking action this Thursday to stop Congress from cutting Social Security benefits for me and millions of others. Will you join me by dropping off a message at Rep. McCarthy's office this Thursday? It could be our last chance.

Take action Thursday
Dear fellow MoveOn member,

I've paid into Social Security for more than fifty years. My five children and six grandchildren are paying into Social Security now. I retired ten years ago, and in 2008 and again this year, I campaigned for President Obama. I elected the President, and other Democrats, to protect Social Security and to ask the wealthy to pay their fair share in taxes—not to cave in to Republican demands to cut the benefits that my family, and millions of other families, depend on.

But last week, in fiscal talks with Republican Speaker Boehner, President Obama offered to cut Social Security benefits. Negotiations are still in flux, but there's a real risk that a deal could be struck this week that includes those cuts. Democrats in Congress—whose support is needed to pass a deal—have been split on whether they'd allow Social Security cuts.

This is an unusual time for politics. We're taking much needed holiday breaks. We're traveling. We're holding our family and friends very, very close.

Amid all of this—in fact, because of all of this—on Thursday, I'm walking into my representative's local office with a few friends and family members, and we're delivering a clear message before it's too late: Don't cut Social Security benefits.

I won't sit back and let my Social Security—which I've earned and paid for—be cut. I won't sit back and let my children and grandchildren's Social Security be jeopardized.

Can you join your voice with mine by dropping by Rep. McCarthy's office in Garden City this Thursday?

Yes, I will take action Thursday.

Here's where to go:

300 Garden City Plaza, Garden City, NY 11530

Members of Congress are home this week for the holidays, and when they head back to Washington on Thursday, they may be asked to vote to cut Social Security. If this happens—and it breaks my heart to think about it—Barack Obama could become the first Democratic president in history to cut this core social insurance program. Even if President Obama is willing for that to be his legacy, I just won't tolerate it—will you?

You don't have to do exactly what I'm doing. But, please do something. This is our last, best chance, and it really is in our hands. Here are a few ideas I've heard for what you can do on Thursday, but really, do whatever moves you:

  • Deliver holiday cards to Rep. McCarthy's office with the message, "I hope this isn't the last holiday card I write you—but it will be if you cut my benefits."
  • Sing different words to holiday songs that carry your message—look online, or make up your own! Or, picket outside the office and call your local TV news station to come along.
  • Bring your family—especially your kids or grandkids if you have them. They'll give punch to your message.
  • If you want to make your message memorable, do something fun and creative. Drop off a bag of nuts (peanuts, pecans, whatever you've got!) at Rep. McCarthy's office with a note saying, "This is nuts! No Social Security cuts!"
I'll be out there Thursday, along with thousands of MoveOn members all across America—will you join us?

Yes, I can take action Thursday.

Again, here's where to go:

300 Garden City Plaza, Garden City, NY 11530

I'd love to hear what idea you have for Thursday—sign up using the link above and share your idea, or use one I've suggested.

Thank you, and happy holidays,

Frank Burton
MoveOn member
Castro Valley, CA

P.S. New districts and newly-elected members of Congress don't go into effect until January, so the information above is still current.

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