Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Eddie, I'm afraid.

What can I tell you about Donald Trump that you don't already know?

Dear fellow MoveOn member,

What can I tell you about Donald Trump that you don’t already know?

Speaking quite personally, I can tell you that I’m afraid.

After headlining the most mob-like, racist, homophobic, and misogynist political convention in my lifetime, Trump’s chances of winning the U.S. presidency actually improved—he's now leading Hillary Clinton in virtually all of polls that have been released since the convention.1 And former New York Times data wizard Nate Silver says there’s a 55.6% chance that if the election were held today, Trump would win.2


The GOP underestimated Trump. But MoveOn rang the the alarm bell months ago, and as a result has developed a sharp, three-pronged campaign to unite us all against Donald Trump and his hate—and to defeat him on Election Day.

That’s why—once again—I’m teaming up with MoveOn and MoveOn members like you. Will you join me in supporting United Against Hate—MoveOn’s all-out campaign to defeat Donald Trump?

Yes, I'm in. I'll chip in $3.

If you're like me, perhaps somewhere in the back of your mind, you imagined that Donald Trump would just implode. Be laughed out of the race. Or fall apart like the bad apple he is.

But that’s just the thing. Bad apples don’t fall apart before rotting everything else around them. And Trump’s candidacy has legitimized—and is now propelled by—the very worst of humanity.

Here are two examples of many:

  • The so-called #PartyOfTrump now includes people like the former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, David Duke, who said he was inspired by Trump to run for the United States Senate.3
  • Vladimir Putin, the Russian autocrat, is delighted that Trump wouldn’t automatically defend the Baltics, our NATO allies, from a possible Russian takeover.4

We’ve got to stop this guy. And he can’t just lose by a narrow margin in November. We have to hand Trump a resounding defeat—big enough to publicly renounce the ugliness he’s unleashed and squelch the surging energy of white supremacists in America who are taking inspiration from his campaign.

Will you join me in supporting United Against Hate—MoveOn’s all-out, highly coordinated campaign to defeat Donald Trump and unite us all in a hopeful vision for our nation?

Click here to chip in $3 right now.

Here’s what your donation will support:

  • Savvy social media to cut through lies and educate voters about the high stakes of this election—complete with rapid-response videos that will be seen and shared tens of millions of times and reach an audience roughly the size of a cable news program.
  • Door-to-door volunteer canvasses in 10 key states, using the proven model MoveOn tested recently in Ohio—because there is no better alternative than human connection as an antidote to hatred and fear.
  • MoveOn spokespeople and MoveOn members on TV—your donation will help create a breakthrough, alternative narrative about what makes America truly great.

I could keep going. But while I’ll never be short on words, we are short on time, friends. As we enter the Democratic National Convention, the situation is urgent. We have 104 days.

MoveOn has marshaled all its forces and has the plan we need. But it won’t happen, let me repeat, it will not happen without your support.

Please chip in $3 now to defeat Donald Trump in November.

It’s in our hands. And, as President Lincoln said in his famous first inaugural address: Here’s to the to “better angels of our nature.” Here’s to Election Day 2016, when we need to make sure that they—and we—prevail.

Thanks for all you do.

–Robert Reich


1. "2016 General Election: Trump vs. Clinton," The Huffington Post, accessed July 26, 2016 

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3. "Former KKK leader David Duke, citing Trump, announces Senate bid," The Washington Post, July 22, 2016 

4. "Donald Trump’s Ambivalence on the Baltics Is More Important Than It Seems," The New York Times, July 21, 2016 

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