Wednesday, May 31, 2017

June 3 in New York: March for Truth

On June 3, this Saturday, we're teaming up with allies to hit the streets in hundreds of March for Truth events, demanding independent investigations into Trump's Russia ties and obstruction of justice

Dear MoveOn member,
"Investigate Trump!" has been a clarion call of MoveOn members for nearly six months.
Coast to coast, thanks to the tireless efforts of many MoveOn members, we have generated tens of thousands of calls to Congress and delivered more than one million petition signatures calling for the truth about Donald Trump. Our people-powered effort to sound the alarm about possible obstruction of justice and Trump's ties to Russia is working—that's why we're taking it to the next level.
On June 3—this Saturday—we’re teaming up with allies to hit the streets in a March for Truth.
There’s a march near you in New York. Will you sign up now and ask your friends and family to join you? Just click here!

Every day brings a new revelation about the outrageous and endlessly corrupt Trump administration.
Republicans in Congress outright refuse to connect the dots about the Trump cartel's damage to our nation's Constitution—but MoveOn members see what's going on and are more committed than ever to demanding the truth.
That's why we're coming together with allies on Saturday, June 3, in over 130 communities around the country, for the March for Truth, a grassroots initiative led by volunteers who have had enough of Trump's corruption and Republican attempts to hide the truth.
There's a March for Truth event in New York! Click here to find out where to go to connect the dots on Donald Trump—and bring your family and friends!
The scores of actions on June 3 are an opportunity to focus mounting public outrage at the end of the congressional recess, while senators and representatives are home and while the media is watching to see what constituents are making of the nearly constant revelations about the corruption-rife Trump, his advisers, his family, and his administration.
Though the appointment of a DOJ special counsel is an important step (and was a demand of MoveOn members), there's much more to be done to get at the full truth about Trump, including pressuring Congress to appoint an independent commission.
On June 3, MoveOn members will send a clear message to politicians and the media that we won't be satisfied until we see the whole picture about Trump. And while we're ensuring that March for Truth actions put specific pressure on Republican leaders, it's important that we tell this story everywhere around the country. 
Here's the bottom line: Getting to the bottom of Trump's ties to Russia and possible obstruction of justice isn't some partisan football. This is about all of us; our security, our democracy, our government. Every lie tweeted from the Oval Office cheapens our Constitution and makes us all less safe. Let's stand together and demand that we get to the bottom of this historic threat to our nation.

Don't miss an opportunity to send a message that MoveOn members and our allies won't rest until we have the truth about Trump.

Click here to find the March for Truth in New York and RSVP.

Thanks for all you do. 

—Jo, Stephen, Iram, Alex, and the rest of the team

P.S. You can also click here to learn more about the March for Truth, a grassroots initiative, or find other events around the country.

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