Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Watch: Sunday's Ready to Resist call recap

Check out the recording of the great speakers and calls to action from the latest Ready to Resist call!

Dear Eddie,

What an amazing Ready to Resist call we had on Sunday night!

And the great news is we recorded it! If you missed the live call or want to listen again to a specific speaker, click here to watch the live stream and share it with your Facebook friends.

Watch the Ready to Resist call on FacebookLive!

Our next call will be on Sunday, July 9 at 8 p.m. ET (7 CT/6 MT/5 PT)—click here to sign up for the July call, then mark your calendar!

Here are the action items our speakers highlighted on the call last night:

  • Investigations: Today—Tuesday—join the national call-in day to demand an independent commission! Call the Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121, enter your ZIP Code, and tell your member of congress something like this:
    • “We need an independent commission to investigate Russia’s meddling with our elections and Trump's abuse of power. Please support bringing the Protect Our Democracy Act (H.R. 356 and S. 27) to the floor!”
  • Health care: The priority here is to generate pressure on Republican senators, as every Democrat is against Trumpcare.
    • If you have a Republican senator, use the same Capitol Switchboard line to reach them, 202-224-3121.
    • If your senators are both Democrats, then take to social media to ratchet up the pressure on Republicans! Facebook has a feature where you can search for your friends who live in a specific city or state—just go to Facebook and type "friends in Arizona" in the top search bar to find people you know who live there. We believe there are 10 key swing votes who could stop Trumpcare. Once you find your friends, encourage them to get the attention of their senators by calling their offices, dropping by the district office, and posting their story to Facebook (maybe even with Facebook Live!) about why they oppose Trumpcare and tagging their senators in it. 
      • Sen. Murkowski, Alaska
      • Sens. Flake and McCain, Arizona
      • Sen. Cotton, Arkansas
      • Sen. Gardner, Colorado
      • Sen. Collins, Maine
      • Sen. Heller, Nevada
      • Sen. Portman, Ohio
      • Sen. Capito, West Virginia
  • Million Jobs Coalition: Check out the Millions of Jobs Coalition for more information about an infrastructure plan that works for working people. 
  • Texas SB-4: Watch the video about the anti-immigrant law in Texas mentioned on the call. 
  • Summer Cookouts: Go to moveon.org/cookouts to host or attend an organizing cookout in your community the weekend of June 24 or June 30! (And feel free to make some peach-mint tea!)

Hope you can join the next call! In the meantime, feel free to reply with any feedback on how we can continue to make these calls even better!

Thanks for all you do.

—Anna, Victoria, Scott, Ben, and the rest of the team

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