Friday, September 8, 2017

DACA (Call Sen. Schumer now)

Join the push for Congress to pass the DREAM Act!

Dear MoveOn member,

On Tuesday, Donald Trump's attorney general, Jeff Sessions, announced the end of the DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) program, which provides protections to immigrants who came to America in their youth and made their lives here.1

Now 800,000 immigrant Americans who work, study, and live across the country need your help: They could face deportation when DACA expires—unless Congress acts.2

Can you call Senator Charles E. Schumer today and ask him to rally other lawmakers to support a clean, strong Dream Act to protect 800,000 young people immediately—and to say no to more money for Trump's harmful agenda, including more ICE boots on the ground, detention beds, and border walls?

Here's where to call:

  • Sen. Schumer - (202) 224-6542

Click here for a sample call script and to report how your call went!

Members of both parties in both houses of Congress and a majority of the American public support the Dream Act, which would offer protections and the path to full citizenship to these young people.3 Many Democrats have already come out in favor of an immediate vote—and a number of Republicans have expressed that they'd like to see it pass. 

But leading Democrats, including Dick Durbin and Chuck Schumer, who were lead sponsors of the Senate bill, and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi need to hear from us—they need to know that we've got their backs to push hard for the Dream Act immediately and that their constituents won't tolerate delays or halfway measures.

Already, there is talk of Republicans linking a Dream Act to funding for Trump's border wall or to even more funding for an aggressive deportation force.4 It is horrendous to imagine exacting such a trade to protect 800,000 immigrants—and Congress needs to know we won't stand for it.

That's why we demand a clean Dream Act ASAP.

Call now, then share how it went:

  • Sen. Schumer - (202) 224-6542

The resistance has stopped much of Trump's agenda so far—and now, as Congress returns from recess, our representatives need to know that defending America's immigrant communities is the next big, urgent, critical fight for the resistance and for all Americans of goodwill.

Call now—and keep calling.

Thanks for all you do.

–Corinne, Nick, Emma, Jackie, and the rest of the team


1. "Trump Ends DACA Program, No New Applications Accepted," NBC News, September 5, 2017 

2. "Trump’s DACA Decision Puts Dreamers’ Future in the Hands of Congress," The New Yorker, September 5, 2017

3. "Poll: Trump's Decision on Dreamers Is a Popular One — Even Among His Base," Morning Consult, June 16, 2017

4. "Republicans Tell Democrats: 'We'll Give You DACA If You Fund Trump's Border Wall'," September 5, 2017

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