Monday, September 25, 2017

Fight Trumpcare. Right now. From anywhere!

Call progressives whose senators support Trumpcare.

Dear MoveOn member,

The fight to stop the latest attack on health care is in a critical 72-hour sprint as Republicans seek to push through the Graham-Cassidy bill that would take health care from 32 million Americans, slash protections for pre-existing conditions, and end Medicaid as we know it. While it will come down to getting just three Republican senators to vote no, there is action that you can take even if you're represented by two senators who already oppose this bill—and you can take it now, in just a few minutes, from your own home.

MoveOn has teamed up with our friends at Indivisible, who have set up a tool that allows you to call progressive voters in key states and urge them to call their senators. We know that calls to Senate offices make a difference—and you can play a role by asking fellow progressives to make their voices heard.

Click here to start making calls to progressives in the states with key Republican senators and help them demand that their Senators oppose Trumpcare. (You will not be added to new mailing lists and nobody will see your phone number in this process.)

Last time, we defeated Trumpcare on the Senate floor by just ONE vote—and this time could be just as close.

Your senators have already stated that they oppose this bill, so they don't need to hear from you on this issue right now (though you could call and say thanks). But we do need two more Republican senators to oppose taking health care away from 32 million Americans—which is why we're asking members in "safe" states to call progressives in a dozen key states to encourage them to contact their senators. Will you join in?

Click here to start making calls to progressives in the states with key Republican senators to urge them to flood their own senators' offices with calls.

We know that this tactic works. In July, activists with MoveOn's close partner Indivisible made 100,000 calls to progressives in key states in the final days before the Trumpcare vote, during which time MoveOn members were also generating hundreds of thousands of calls to the Senate. Now, as MoveOn members in key states continue to make tens of thousands of calls, fellow MoveOn members across the country can join Indivisible in supercharging this national call program.

Click here to start making calls to progressives in the states with key Republican senators.

Heading into the last Trumpcare vote, the odds were stacked against us. But we took those odds, and we did everything we could in spite of them. Now, with just days left to defeat Trumpcare for good, we owe it to ourselves to give it everything we've got.

Thanks for all you do—again and again!

–Justin, Matt, Elsie, Emma, and the rest of the team

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