Thursday, May 7, 2009


Dear MoveOn member,

We made this ad a couple weeks ago—and we've been so eager to show you! It's funny and memorable, and we smile every time we see it.  :-)

But we wanted to wait until there was a critical moment on health care to break it out.

That moment is now. The right wing just launched a million-dollar attack on President Obama's health care plan, scaring people off from a critical provision that could guarantee coverage for every American. If their lies stick, we could miss the biggest chance in a generation to achieve universal health care. The first draft of legislation will be finalized in just two weeks—so we need to fight back right now.

Please watch the ad (trust us, you'll like it), pass it around to your friends and family, and, if you can, contribute $25 to help run it far and wide.

Watch our ad

Enjoy! And thanks for all you do.

–Patrick S., Michael, Peter, Matt and the rest of the team

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