Sunday, May 10, 2009

Last chance to send this for Mother's day

Dear MoveOn member,

When we sent this video out on Wednesday, we never expected a response like this. It really struck a chord! (It's been sent to over a 6.5 million moms.)

Today is Mother's Day. If you haven't gotten gifts yet for all the moms in your life—and even if you have—click below to send them each a personalized "Mother of the Year" video. The moms I sent this to are still thanking me for it.

Thanks for all you do.


Check out this great Mother's Day video from our friends at

Watch the video

Dear MoveOn member,

Mother's Day is this Sunday, and I'll bet you know a mom who deserves thanks—and an award—for all she does.

That's why our friends at created this great, funny video news report that you can personalize and send to each mom in your life, announcing that she's won "Mother of the Year."

When I watched it, I laughed out loud. Just go here to see it yourself, and then send it to the moms in your life:

MomsRising is a great organization dedicated to building a more family-friendly America. They created this video to celebrate their third anniversary and to celebrate moms everywhere—and to acknowledge the challenges moms and families face in America.

Check it out and send it on:

The moms in your life will really appreciate it.

And thanks for all you do. 

–Justin, Wes, Joan, Nita and the rest of the team

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