Sunday, October 4, 2009

A critical moment

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"We need a clear military exit strategy for Afghanistan."

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Dear MoveOn member,

U.S. policy in Afghanistan has reached a pivotal moment. President Obama is poised to make a critical decision about the Afghanistan war in the next few weeks. And there's a big debate happening right now about what to do.1

Pro-war advocates both inside and outside the administration—including John McCain and Joe Lieberman—are calling for a big military escalation.2 The general in charge of Afghanistan is expected to request tens of thousands more troops, and that may just be the beginning.3 They're cranking up the pressure for an immediate surge.

But other powerful voices are urging caution: Vice President Biden and White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel have raised real concerns about the idea of sending more troops to Afghanistan without a clear strategy4, as have Democrats in Congress.5 And a majority of Americans oppose increasing troop levels.6 

Can sign this petition to the White House and Congress telling them we need a clear military exit strategy—not tens of thousands more US troops stuck in a quagmire? Clicking below will add your name:

The petition says simply, "We need a clear military exit strategy for Afghanistan."

Some administration officials are arguing for a smaller, nimbler approach focused on counterterrorism. But cheerleaders for the war refuse to acknowledge that there could be any viable strategy other than a bigger and bigger military footprint. So they're trotting out the same tired old lines and questioning the motives of those who disagree with them.7 

They figure they can cut off any debate about our ultimate goals in Afghanistan and the region. But President Obama has consistently shown a willingness to stand up for his more thoughtful approach to foreign policy, and that's what he needs to do here, too.

The hawks are making their position heard. Now, the majority of Americans—those of us who are for as quick and as responsible an end to the war as possible—need to make our voices heard, too.

Can you sign the petition now? Clicking below will add your name.

Thanks for all you do.

Daniel, Lenore, Kat, Marika, and the rest of the team


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