Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Huge defeat for Blanche Lincoln


I'm in Little Rock at Bill Halter's election-night celebration, and the energy here is truly incredible. Bill just told the crowd: "Today we put the special interests and political insiders on the ropes, and in three weeks we're going to knock them out."

Halter's supporters are ecstatic because he just handed a huge defeat to Arkansas Senator Blanche Lincoln. Despite being outspent by more than two-to-one, Halter is running slightly ahead as I send this—and now both candidates are headed into a runoff election.

Make no mistake, this is big news. For the first time, voters have shown that Democrats who side with corporate interests to block President Obama's agenda will suffer for it at the ballot box.

But even as we're celebrating, it's time to double down. Because Sen. Lincoln is a favorite of big corporations, she still has millions in the bank—and she'll spend all of it smearing Bill Halter.

The runoff is in just three weeks, and Halter's staff just told me that they urgently need more funds to continue the campaign.

Can you help us raise $200,000 in emergency funds for Bill Halter? That'll take 3 donations from Inwood. Chip in $5 here:


And on behalf of everyone here in Arkansas, thanks for all you do.

–Michael and the rest of the team

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