Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Racists for Blanche Lincoln

Dear MoveOn member,

I'm a MoveOn member from Arkansas, where a shadowy right-wing group is spending almost a million dollars on racist attack ads trying to steal our Senate election. So I'm making a plea to MoveOn members around the country for help.

You may have heard about the big primary election happening down here: we've got a good shot at replacing Senator Blanche Lincoln—who recently ran an ad saying she doesn't answer to the Democratic Party and who helped kill the public option—with a far better candidate named Bill Halter.

But her supporters are getting desperate, so now they've turned to racist fear-mongering. A secretive right-wing front group that's been supporting tea party candidates is running incredibly offensive ads: they feature Indian-looking actors in traditional dress, with thick accents, claiming to "thank" Bill Halter for sending American jobs to Bangalore. (A complete and total fabrication.)

I know racism when I see it. They're preying on voters' economic anxiety, using untruths to smear a good man. And the worst part is, this ad could work. I've heard that the average voter will see it thirty times this week, and believe me, I can't turn on the TV without running across it.

So I'm asking you and other MoveOn members to help make sure Bill Halter has the resources to fight back. I've just made a donation to Bill Halter's campaign. Can you chip in $5?


–Rev. Larry Burton
  Little Rock, Arkansas

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