Thursday, August 5, 2010

Garden City rally against corporate influence

We won't stand for big corporations like Target buying the elections. That's why we're organizing nationwide rallies calling on politicians to stand with the Other 98% of us and not with corporate lobbyists.  

There's a rally in Garden City on Tuesday. Can you make it?

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Dear MoveOn Member, 

This week many of us were shocked to learn that Target Corporation contributed $150,000 to support a right-wing candidate for governor in Minnesota.

But the frightening truth is that Target is just the tip of the iceberg.

News reports indicate that, in the wake of the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision, some of America's largest corporations are gearing up to spend over $300 million in the run-up to this November's election.1

We can't sit back and let big corporations buy our elections. We need to push for systematic reform.That's why next week, MoveOn members are organizing over 150 rallies calling on members of Congress and candidates to stand up for the Other 98% of us who can't afford to buy elections. It's the start of the congressional recess so it's an important moment to ask them to join our reform campaign.

We need a massive show of people-power in the streets to send politicians and the media a powerful message that we won't stand for big corporations like Target and BP buying our democracy. There's a rally planned on Tuesday in Garden City. Can you make it? Click here to sign up:

More than 400,000 of us have signed the Fight Washington Corruption pledge, and at these rallies, we'll ask members of Congress to join us in standing against corporate influence. The pledge includes three critical reforms: 

  • Overturning the Supreme Court decisions allowing unlimited corporate spending on elections; 
  • Fair Elections—giving public financing to grassroots candidates so they can compete; and 
  • Ending backroom deals with corporate lobbyists by making all lobbying activity public, and shutting the revolving door between K Street and the government. 

If we can get enough politicians to support these reforms, we can make sure Target and other corporations can't use their cash to drown out the voices of the Other 98% of us. But to do this, we need a groundswell of people to send a clear message to members of Congress and candidates. 

Will you attend the Fight Corruption rally in Garden City on Tuesday? Click here to sign up:

Thanks for all you do. 

–Ilyse, Duncan, Jeff, Carrie, and the rest of the team


1. "Corporate campaign fundraising picks up speed" L.A. Times, August 2, 2010 

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