Friday, August 13, 2010

What you did--and what's next!

We're launching into the next steps of our Fight Washington Corruption campaign to get 100 members of Congress signed on by the end of the recess.

Can you help with the next steps in your congressional district? Click here to let us know what role you can play:

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Fight Washington Corruption Rallies a Success!

Thousands of MoveOn members organized over 160 Fight Washington Corruption rallies demanding an end to corporate corruption in politics. At the rallies, Senate candidate Elaine Marshall (NC) and House candidates Bryan Lentz (PA-7) and Dan Connolly (PA-18) all joined the fight. We now have more than 30 candidates and members of Congress signed on to the Fight Washington Corruption pledge!

Dear MoveOn member,

This week at over 160 rallies across the nation, we officially put politicians on notice: They need to clean up corporate corruption now! We've got the momentum—over 30 politicians have signed the Fight Washington Corruption pledge.

Now MoveOn members in Inwood and nearby areas are using the momentum from the rallies to get elected officials and candidates in New York to sign the Fight Washington Corruption pledge. 

We've got a real need for lots of different types of volunteers to power the campaign—so whatever your expertise or interest, you are needed! If you're interested in helping out, click here to let us know what you can do:

Here's how we're planning to get our political leaders to sign the pledge:

  • Get Together: We'll get connected with other active MoveOn members in our communities and form a MoveOn Action Team for each congressional district.
  • Meet with Congress and candidates: MoveOn members around the country—in "red" states and "blue" states alike—are holding face-to-face meetings with targeted members of Congress and candidates. We'll work to schedule a meeting locally and keep following up with calls and visits.
  • Organize Local Events: If our targeted elected officials and candidates won't sign the pledge, we'll make sure we have a presence at public appearances by politicians, such as campaign events and town halls, to ask them why they haven't signed the pledge.
During the congressional recess, we need grassroots volunteers leading the on-the-ground campaign to Fight Washington Corruption. Click here to let us know what role you can play:

This week's rallies were a huge step in the fight against corporate influence, and now is the critical moment to follow up with politicians and let them know they need to listen to the Other 98% of us—and not to big corporate contributors.

Thanks for all you do. 

–Ilyse, Joan, Jeff, Duncan, and the rest of the team

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