Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fighting back

The Republican attacks on workers are spreading across the country. And in Washington, they're even threatening to shut down the government Can you chip in $5 to a national emergency campaign to fight back?


Dear MoveOn member,

It's not just Wisconsin. Republicans are launching similar attacks on workers in other states.1 And in Washington, Republicans are threatening to shut the government down next week unless Democrats agree to massive cuts to everything from NPR to education to food aid for hungry children.2

Inspired by the brave firefighters, students, and teachers who've put themselves on the line in Wisconsin, we're launching a major national emergency campaign to fight back.

We've been scrambling overnight to organize rallies in all 50 states this weekend. We're spinning up ads to expose the true cost of Republican budget cuts—and the tax breaks they're giving to the rich and powerful at the same time.

We're dispatching videographers to help the protesters who've occupied the Wisconsin Capitol get their story out. And offering pizza, air mattresses, and whatever else they need. 

It's a lot, but we can do it IF we can raise the funds—about $185,000 today. Republicans have the Koch brothers and other billionaires to bankroll their effort. We have each other. Can you chip in right now?

Until this week, Republicans have dominated the debate over the economy—with Washington arguing about which vital programs to slash, instead of how to create jobs and help the middle class.

But thanks to the folks braving the cold in Wisconsin, that could all change. This is an opening to call out the Republican game plan for what it is: a brazen effort to use a wrecked economy as an excuse to reward the rich and powerful while destroying 50 years of democratic progress.

But to make that happen, progressives around the country need to stand up right away. We have to make sure that the amazing energy in Wisconsin spreads to the rest of the country, so that those who claim we can cut our way to prosperity don't win the day.

This is a huge effort, but it's a huge moment. Can you help make sure this opportunity doesn't slip away—that progressives have the resources we need to win this fight? Click below to chip in:

Thanks for all you do.

–Daniel, Eli, Carrie, Lenore, and the rest of the team


1. "Thousands March on State Capitols as Union Fight Spreads," The New York Times, February 22, 2011

2. "Reid Rejects Controversial GOP Spending Bill Riders," Talking Points Memo, February 22, 2011



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