Sunday, February 12, 2012

Eating my words

Dear MoveOn member,

When Ilya Sheyman, MoveOn's former mobilization director, told me a year ago that he was running for Congress, I told him he was crazy.

Don't get me wrong—I thought he'd be an amazing member of Congress. A real game changer. And I knew he was running in a Democratic district in Illinois to unseat one of the most vulnerable tea party Republicans in the country.

I knew he was a brilliant organizer—we fought side by side for health care reform and against the corporate capture of our democracy. But still, candidates this good usually don't win in our system.

Well, I'm eating my words. With just five weeks left until the primary, he's winning! The latest poll has him beating his wealthy Democratic primary opponent, who has a long history of donating to Republicans. Thanks to small donor contributions pouring in from around the country, Ilya is even raising more money than his opponents.

But the primary is going to be incredibly close. And Ilya's campaign will need to make its final decisions about how many ads they can afford in the next couple of days. I'm donating (again) to make sure he has the resources to win. Will you join me?

Primaries—where real progressives like Ilya face off against establishment Democrats—start in a few weeks. And once they're over, our best opportunity to move Congress and the Democratic Party toward our progressive ideals will be over, too.

There's no doubt that Ilya's voice in Congress would be a game changer. I should know ... I used to work with him. He's a tenacious progressive and a bold strategist. 

So when people like Ilya decide to run, we have to have their backs. Ilya's campaign is making their final ad spending decisions in the next few days. Can you chip in to make sure that he has the money he needs to win?

Thanks for all you do.

–Adam, Milan, Elena, Stephen, and the rest of the team

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