Thursday, February 16, 2012

Tell President Obama yourself

Sign our "We the People" petition on the White House website today. It says: 

President Obama: "Commit to veto any legislation that extends the Bush tax cuts for the 1%." 

Sign the Petition!

Dear MoveOn member,

Great news—more than 216,000 people signed our petition calling on President Obama to commit to vetoing the Bush tax cuts for the 1%.

Now there's a new way for us to get a direct response from the White House. President Obama has created "We the People," an online system for people to petition the administration directly.1 They've committed to respond to any petition with 25,000 signatures or more, and have done so several times. 

That's why we're going directly online to the White House to get an answer from the President. We created a "We the People" petition, with the same text as the MoveOn petition you signed, insisting that President Obama commit to vetoing the Bush tax cuts for the 1%. 

We need 25,000 people to sign the new "We the People" version of the petition this week in order to guarantee a response to the petition from the White House. Will you sign?

Click here to directly tell President Obama to veto the Bush tax cuts for the 1%.

The President has responded to popular "We the People" petitions that have mirrored MoveOn campaigns in the past, including the student loan reform campaign. In that case, a MoveOn member created a petition that generated hundreds of thousands of signatures, and then those people signed the same petition again on "We the People."2

If enough of us who care deeply about restoring fairness to our tax code by making the 1% pay their fair share of taxes quickly sign and share this petition, we'll get a real, substantive response from the president. This is one of the best ways we can push the president to make a firm commitment to vetoing the Bush tax cuts for the 1%.

Sign and share the "We the People" petition to veto the Bush tax cuts for the 1%.

Thanks for all you do.

–Garlin, Elena, Ryan, Amy, and the rest of the team


1. "We the People," The White House, accessed on February 14, 2012

2. "How Online Activists Worked for Years to Change the Face of Student Debt," techPresident, October 27, 2011

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