Monday, June 4, 2012

New York: Say no to Super PACs

With at least $1 billion in right-wing Super PAC money being thrown in the presidential election, this is the moment to bring pressure for a public stand. Can you call and ask Governor Andrew Cuomo to publicly support a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United? Here's the number:

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, (518) 474-8390 

Report Your Call!

Dear MoveOn member,

$1 billion!

Politico just reported that incredible figure as the amount the oil baron Koch brothers, Karl Rove, and other conservatives are spending to throw dirt at Obama and Democrats this election.1

It's more than John McCain and Barack Obama spent combined in 2008—and that election shattered records.

The plain truth is we can't compete with that kind of money. Where we can win is with people, to get that big money out of politics for good, through a constitutional amendment.

70% of Americans want to overturn Citizens United, but to get an amendment we need to harness that public pressure to get 3/4 of state legislatures on board too.2 And since governors often set the tone for their states, persuading them can really help us get there.

What's the best part? Most politicians, including Governor Andrew Cuomo, haven't taken a stand on this issue—because they haven't been forced to—and so far there hasn't been much public pressure in opposition to an amendment.

So pick up the phone and tell the governor that you and 70% of Americans support a constitutional amendment to get big money out of politics and we expect the same from our governor. Here's the number to call:

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, (518) 474-8390

Then report your call here:

Already, just by picking up the phone, MoveOn members have helped convince more than 100 state legislators around the country to support a constitutional amendment.

That's a great start to our fight, but ending corporate rule over our democracy and putting it back in the hands of the people is going to take a whole lot more. In an election year like this one, we have an opportunity to move legislators who otherwise might not be willing to publicly support a constitutional amendment.

Money in politics isn't just a problem at the national level. Corporations and the 1% use money and its influence to set statewide policies that benefit them through lax regulation and tax breaks that the 99% in New York pay the price for. And Super PAC money is hurting lower-level candidates too, who have no hope of matching the spending of corporations and millionaires.3

If corporate money continues to be treated as free speech, the wealthy will be the only ones who can afford to be heard at all. That's why so many Americans across the political spectrum want to overturn Citizens United, and why MoveOn members are joining in the push to put democracy back in the hands of the people.

Getting state governors on board is an important part of that push, because governors have a huge impact on what happens in their states. And by working at the local and state levels, where our calls often have a greater impact, we can build a grassroots groundswell of support to keep the pressure on Congress.

Can you call to ask Governor Andrew Cuomo for a public stance in favor of an amendment and find out the governor's current position?

Here's where to call:

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, (518) 474-8390

Then report your call here:

Thanks for all you do.

–Robin, Emily, Victoria, Elena, and the rest of the team



1. "GOP groups plan record $1 billion blitz," Politico, May 30, 2012

2. "Seven in 10 Would Send Super PACs Packing," ABC News, March 13, 2012

3. "From presidential race to House primaries, super PACs having wide impact," MSNBC, May 17, 2012

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