Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Thursday in Rockville Centre: Stand with the 99%?

This invitation is from John M. who is organizing a "We are the 99%" event in Rockville Centre on Thursday. For additional details, sign up below.

Dear MoveOn member,

My name is John M, and I'm part of a growing movement fighting for an economy and democracy that work for the 99%. This spring 100,000 people were trained in nonviolent direct action, and more and more people are taking to the streets to demand justice.

There's an opportunity in Rockville Centre on Thursday to stand up against a system that's rigged for billionaires and big corporations. Here's what's happening:

We're rallying in front of State Senator Skelos' office to demand that stand up for us and against the 1% Big Oil & Gas Companies. These companies are wielding their power again, trying to push for fracking approval in NY State. We, the 99%, must stand up for our rights against the powerful 1% corporate money & power. We all know how dangerous fracking is...it will pollute our air, land, and water and Sen Skelos (R) is BLOCKING a ban on this dangerous practice. Governor Cuomo is leaning the same way. We need to tell them that the 99% says, "NO FRACKING WAY!" in NY! Join us and let your voice be heard.

To make a difference, we need a crowd. Can you join us at 12 p.m. on Thursday, June 14, in Rockville Centre? 

Yes, I can be there! 

Even if you can only join for some of the event, we need lots of us, the 99%, to show up. When we stand together, we're a powerful force for change. That's why I hope you can join me. 

Can you stand up with the 99% on Thursday?

Yes! I want to RSVP and get more information.


–John M., 99% supporter

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