Saturday, July 28, 2012

Secret Olympic TV plan

Mitt Romney's dancing horse is competing in the Olympics. (Really!) We've made a hilarious TV ad about the huge irony that Mitt gives the horse incredible care, but wants to cut healthcare for average Americans. Let's run this ad during the Olympics! We need to act quickly to get our key ad spots. Can you chip in? 

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Dear MoveOn member,

The Olympics are on now and the Romneys' dancing horse, Rafalca, is there to compete. The horse lives quite a cushy life on a 5,000-acre estate, with a chartered jet,1 and better healthcare than the average American family—including chiropractors and massages.2

The irony jumps out at you: Romney pampers that precious horse, but he can't wait to repeal affordable healthcare for 30 million Americans.

So our creative team made a hilarious TV ad about Rafalca—the kind that gets huge amounts of additional media coverage because reporters keep talking about it. If we raise $250,000, we can try to run that ad during the Olympics, just when Rafalca is competing! And we have to make our move now if we want to get these key ad spots.

We've got to go big now, because Romney is actually ahead in the latest Gallup and CBS News polls.3 Most people haven't been paying much attention to the campaign. They will pay attention to the Olympics, though, so this is a perfect opportunity to define Romney as the candidate of the wealthiest 1%. Can you help us run this awesome ad during key moments of the Olympics, before we miss our chance?

Yes, I can chip in $5.

For months, news about the presidential campaign has dominated the headlines, especially recent stories about Romney's mysterious offshore investments and his stubborn refusal to release basic tax information.

But even after all of that reporting, Romney is still gaining in the polls, and the latest USA Today poll reveals some disturbing misconceptions about him. Nearly two-thirds said that his business background would help him make good decisions on the economy.4

In fact, Romney's Bain Capital was a pioneer in replacing American workers with low-wage labor in foreign countries.5 And Romney's deals often made him profits even as factories were closed and workers were fired.6 That's why our new TV ad hits Romney hard on his outsourcing history.

We've got to get out the truth: Romney would be a disaster for the middle class. And time is running out to do that. Our Olympic TV ad is an incredible opportunity to reach a huge audience with that powerful message. Can you help?

Click here to contribute $5.

Let's send a message to Mitt: Quit horsing around with America's future.

Thanks for all you do.

Justin, Lenore, Mark, Carrie, and the rest of the team

P.S. Of course, as very patriotic sports fans, we'll be proudly cheering on all of America's Olympic representatives, including the dressage horses and their riders—you can join in with us using #London2012 on Twitter. Go USA! And giddyup, Rafalca!

P.P.S. MoveOn gives average citizens the ability to influence the political system in a meaningful way. This is a great example. Your donation can actually help change the campaign conversation and set the agenda. Donate now.


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