Thursday, April 10, 2014

Going on offense against the GOP Medicaid blockade

Will you read, share, and like the new op-ed by MoveOn's executive director, so that it moves up on the Huffington Post and more political candidates, donors, pundits, and other decision-makers get the message that it's time to go on offense against the GOP's Medicaid blockade?

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Dear MoveOn member,

We just released new polling that reveals an Achilles' heel in Republicans' plan to win big in the fall elections: Voters in key states are ready to vote out Republicans who are participating in the GOP Medicaid blockade by standing between 5 million Americans and the health care they need.1 

The polling, funded by MoveOn members like you, has earned more than 30 media hits—TV, radio, and print—and is making waves where it matters—in the states.

This could be a turning point—if we make it one. Republicans think that bashing Obamacare is their golden ticket to winning even more seats in the House and taking over the Senate this fall. And too many Democrats have shied away from fighting back. It's weak, and it could cost us the election.

That's why MoveOn's executive director, Anna Galland, just published an op-ed in the Huffington Post making the case for progressives and Democrats to go on offense on health care—starting by calling out the GOP Medicaid blockade loud and clear.

Will you read Anna's op-ed that just went up on the Huffington Post, and then like it, share it, email it, or tweet it?

Yes, take me to the story!

On the Huffington Post site, just click on one of these buttons you'll see at the top of the page:

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The Huffington Post is the fourth-ranked news website—more people visit HuffPo than visit The New York Times, The Washington Post, or online.2 We want to get this piece in front of every political candidate, every campaign manager, every donor, every pundit, every voter—everyone who's making decisions about what issues get discussed in election campaigns. If lots of people share and like the story on the Huffington Post—that will move up its placement on the site and ensure that more people see and read it.

Writing about MoveOn's campaign, The Washington Post's Katrina vanden Heuvel posed the question, "What if Democrats organized a clear, concerted effort to demonstrate how Republicans are denying millions of Americans access to health insurance?"3

That's the kind of message we need more people repeating. Can you help this message take hold by liking or sharing MoveOn's new op-ed on the Huffington Post?

Click here to read, share, and like the story of how Democrats can and should go on offense on health care to break the GOP Medicaid blockade and win elections.

Thanks for all you do.

–Victoria, Jessica, Stephen, Alejandro, and the rest of the team

P.S. More than 125,000 MoveOn members added their names to the banner that Louisiana members unveiled last week at the courthouse where a federal judge heard arguments in the lawsuit that the state of Louisiana brought against MoveOn Civic Action. They wanted us to take down the billboard we put up criticizing Governor Bobby Jindal's decision to deny health care to 242,000 of his own constituents.

The good news is the judge ruled in our favor and we're not only keeping the billboard up, we're extending our buy so that it stays up for months longer than we'd first planned—thanks to the donations of MoveOn members like you. Here's a photo you might enjoy of MoveOn members carrying the banner outside the courthouse. On the right (next to MoveOn's director, Anna Galland) is Robby Reed, who suffered a serious illness while in law school and living without health insurance because Gov. Jindal denied him—and 242,000 other Louisianans—Medicaid. Can you help move the campaign to break the GOP Medicaid blockade forward by sharing Anna's brand new-column in the Huffington Post?

MoveOn members and Anna Galland outside the Louisiana court house


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3. "Voters should know who's holding up their health care," The Washington Post, March 25, 2014

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