Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Victory! UPS workers reinstated

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Dear Inwood MoveOn member,

Great news! After 250 UPS drivers in Maspeth, New York were fired for protesting the termination of a fellow driver, Working Families created a MoveOn Petition to pressure UPS to reinstate them. More than 48,000 MoveOn members signed Working Families' petition—we won! On Monday, UPS folded under the pressure, giving all drivers their jobs back. 

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Here's a full update from UPS driver Jairo Reyes and Working Families:

I can't wait to tell you—late Monday night, after 10 hours of negotiating and weeks of grassroots pressure, UPS folded. My 250 co-workers and I won our jobs back!

I wouldn't even be close to having my job back if not for my 250 co-workers who bravely risked their jobs to save mine—and I want to give them as big a thank-you as they deserve.

When I was unfairly fired from UPS, 250 of my co-workers walked out in protest—and then each one lost their job. 

UPS fired my colleagues who stood in solidarity with me because they thought they held all the cards. It was David vs. Goliath—one local union agains a multinational corporation.

But then you added your voice to more than 100,000 others, calling on UPS to reverse the decision and give us our jobs back. You signed petitions, made phone calls to the CEO, and posted your outrage on UPS's Facebook and Twitter pages. 

The small actions we all take together add up—and UPS heard our voices loud and clear. Together, we showed a billion-dollar corporation what grassroots people power can accomplish. It's a lesson my family, and my co-workers' families, will never forget. 

We wouldn't be getting our jobs and our livelihoods back if not for our union, Teamsters Local 804, Joint Council 16. We wouldn't be here today if not for progressive elected heroes like New York City Public Advocate Tish James speaking up for us and demanding that UPS treat us fairly. And we wouldn't have had a prayer without the thousands of Working Families and MoveOn members who had our backs.

Tomorrow is a fresh start for my co-workers and me. Pretty soon, we're all going back to work, and your voice made that possible. 

Thank you for all that you've done, 

Jairo Reyes

UPS driver (newly re-instated) and Working Families member

Thanks for all you do.

Milan, Maria, Stephen, Jessica, and the rest of the team

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