Sunday, June 15, 2014

America's biggest climate victory

Dear MoveOn member,

Ever feel totally overwhelmed about climate change?

Take a deep breath. There's hope. 

To understand why, the first step is to listen to this podcast.

Here's something most people don't realize: since 2005, U.S. climate emissions have gone down by 10%.1

Why? One of the biggest reasons is a massive, city-by-city grassroots fight against coal plants, the #1 source of global warming pollution in America. The campaign, coordinated by our friends at the Sierra Club, is called Beyond Coal—and it has not only blocked almost every proposed new coal plant in the past decade, it's actually shut down almost a third of the existing ones.2

When you start with that people-powered movement and add President Obama's new carbon pollution limits, you've got a recipe for making serious progress in our climate emissions. And as the U.S. steps up, we open the door to a global deal that could pull the planet back from the brink.

It's easy to feel the fossil fuel industry is unbeatable. It's easy to feel as though there's nothing regular citizens can do that could make a difference. But the story of this campaign shows that neither of those things is true. If you've ever needed a jolt of optimism about global warming, you've got to hear this podcast.

Thanks for all you do.

–Ben Wikler

P.S. Don't use iTunes? No problem. You can listen to the podcast on the Web, tune in via Stitcher (an Android and iOS app), or subscribe via RSS. And if you do use iTunes and you like the show, be sure to subscribe on iTunes... and post a review!


1. "Climate Change Indicators in the United States," U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, accessed June 12, 2014

2. "How many dirty coal plants have we retired?" Sierra Club, accessed June 12, 2014

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