Monday, June 9, 2014

Help me end the student debt crisis

Dear MoveOn member,

Last year, Congress lowered interest rates for new student loans but didn't help people stuck with older student loans at 6, 8, even 10% interest rates or higher. Please pass the Bank on Students Emergency Loan Refinancing Act. People should be able to refinance their student loans to today's lower rates. 

Student loan debt is crushing young people. Total debt is now $1.2 trillion, more than all outstanding credit card debt in America. The overwhelming burden of student debt keeps young people from buying homes, buying cars, starting small businesses, saving for retirement, and making purchases that strengthen our economy. 

Last year, Republicans and Democrats came together to lower the interest rates on new undergraduate loans to 3.8%. But nothing was done for the millions of people who have older student loans at 6%, 8%, 10%, and even higher interest rates. They were just stuck paying—and paying and paying. 

Tell the Senate to allow people to refinance their student loans!

My bill, the Bank on Students Emergency Loan Refinancing Act, lets people refinance older student loans down to those lower interest rates that new students receive. 

It would put hundreds, even thousands, of dollars back into the pockets of people struggling with their student loan debt. 

The Senate could vote on this as early as Wednesday. The sooner we pass this bill, the sooner people will get a little bit of relief. Please, add your name today.

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–Senator Elizabeth Warren

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