Sunday, August 24, 2014

FW: This is huge (Citizens United)

Wow. This is huge. 50 U.S. senators have come out against Citizens United—ahead of a historic vote in just 15 days to amend the Constitution to get money out of politics.

We're launching a full-court press right now: We've initiated a petition drive with Senator Bernie Sanders—and are planning to generate a blizzard of phone calls targeting senators who have not yet co-sponsored legislation to overturn Citizens United. Next, we'll earn key news coverage with the goal of pressuring lawmakers to vote money out of politics. And after the vote, we'll immediately launch a hard-hitting ad campaign, going after senators who defend the indefensible and wildly unpopular Citizens United decision.

We've raised nearly $100,000 this weekend—but we need $200,000 to do it all.

Can you make a one-time donation of $5 today to help us get ads on the air and run a blitz campaign? Click here to chip in.

Want to do even more? Click here to make a monthly contribution to power MoveOn's year-in-year-out campaign to overturn Citizens United.

For more details on our campaign, see my note from the other day.
The Senate is about to vote on Citizens United, one of the least popular Supreme Court decisions ever. Any senator who votes wrong is putting a huge political target on their back—if we have enough ongoing support to really hold them accountable. Can you chip in $5 a month?

I'll Chip In

Dear MoveOn member,

Next month, for the first time ever, the U.S. Senate will vote on a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United.

This. Is. Huge. And it could change this entire election.

Citizens United isn't just one of the worst Supreme Court decisions ever—it's one of the least popular. Seriously—80 percent of Americans oppose it. Even 72% of Republican voters think the Supreme Court got it wrong.1

That's why almost every politician claims that they don't like Super PACs. But when there's a high-profile vote like this, every senator will need to put up or shut up.

Senators who have the nerve to vote against overturning Citizens United will be putting a massive political target on their back—if we have enough ongoing support to really hold them accountable.

That's why we're aiming to recruit 5,000 "movement makers"—folks who chip in monthly to help end the corrosive influence of money in politics. If we meet our goal, we'll start with a hard-hitting ad campaign right after the vote, going after senators who vote to uphold Citizens United. And that'll be just the beginning—it's the next big step in our years-long campaign to overturn Citizens United. Can you chip in $5 a month to help overturn Citizens United?

Yes, I'll contribute $5 a month.

No, I can't.

Fifty senators have said they support the amendment to overturn Citizens United. A bunch of the rest haven't said which way they'll vote.

If we can recruit 5,000 monthly donors before the vote, undecided senators will know what's coming and feel enormous pressure to vote the right way.

So here's the plan: Before the vote, we're going to launch a full-court press with phone calls, petitions, and news conferences to get as many senators as possible to vote the right way. And we'll keep track of who supports the bill and who doesn't on a public website so everyone knows.

Then, after the vote, we'll launch a hard-hitting ad campaign going after senators who vote the wrong way. And we'll keep going: We'll hold senators who vote the wrong way accountable during election season—and then fight to overturn Citizens United for as long as it takes.

Can you chip in $5 a month to help fight the corrupting influence of money in politics?

Yes, I can contribute $5 a month.

No, I can't.

Your first donation—today—will allow us to run a big enough ad campaign to make sure our message is heard even in a crowded election year. And then your ongoing support will enable us to fight the destructive influence of money in politics through election season and beyond.

Thanks for all you do.

–Mark, Victoria, Justin, Manny, and the rest of the team


1. "Broad Bi-Partisan Consensus Supports Reforms to Supreme Court," Democracy Corps, May 7, 2014

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