Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Republicans are being disrespectful, dangerous, and reckless. We have to hold them accountable.
Dear MoveOn member,

In an unprecedented move, 47 Republican senators have sent a warning letter directly to Iranian leaders, threatening to blow up any diplomatic deal negotiated by President Obama.1

This is disrespectful, dangerous, and reckless. We have to hold them accountable. And make sure not a single Democrat joins them in blowing up the president's diplomatic efforts and putting us on a path to war.

We're producing a TV ad immediately to call out this outrageous act. Please click here—right now—and make the most generous contribution you can to help us hold these 47 Republicans accountable, and make sure no Democrat joins them in undermining the president and risking a war.

"Traitors" is how the front page of yesterday's New York Daily News described the 47 Republican senators who wrote to Iran's leaders in an effort to undermine President Obama and sabotage his diplomatic efforts to prevent yet another unnecessary war.2

And it isn't just the Daily News. Media outlets across the country are—for good reason—slamming Republican war hawks for this shocking and dangerous attempt to sabotage diplomacy and disrespect the president.

As puts it, "The mere act of senators contacting the leaders of a foreign nation to undermine and contradict their own president is an enormous breach of protocol. But this went much further: Republicans are telling Iran, and, by extension the world, that the American president no longer has the power to conduct foreign policy, and that foreign leaders should assume Congress could revoke American pledges at any moment."3

Our small staff has already been mobilizing public support for diplomacy via petitions, member phone calls, op-eds, and more. This shocking move by Senate Republicans means we have to do even more. We're putting together a TV ad now to call out this disloyal behavior—but we need to know that we'll have the resources to go big. 

Can you make an emergency contribution to ensure Republicans pay a steep political price? This is a moment to dig deep—because the more we raise, the bigger we can go.

Yes, I'll make an emergency contribution to help get the president's back, hold Republicans accountable, and prevent another catastrophic war in the Middle East.

As you probably remember, Republicans invited Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to come to Washington and undermine the president last week. But this letter is arguably even worse: they are degrading our president in front of the whole world. And sending a message that the President of the United States—whoever she or he is—has no credibility.

In the days following Netanyahu's speech, we've raised over $100,000 for our work on Iran. But we didn't plan on having to respond to this. 

The radical right has gone too far too fast. Now, we've reached a make-it-or-break-it moment for the future of diplomacy and for peace in the Middle East.

So I hate to ask so strongly, but this is too important not to be direct: We need your emergency donation to get the president's back and keep America off a path to war. 

Will you chip in as much as you can afford and help turbocharge our efforts?

Yes, I'll make an emergency donation to help get the president's back, hold Republicans accountable, and prevent another catastrophic war in the Middle East.

Thanks for all you do.

Jo, Alejandro, Victoria, Manny, and the rest of the team


1. "Irate Democrats Denounce G.O.P on Iran Letter," The New York Times, March 10, 2015

2. "Letter by Republican Senators to Iran is 'unusual' and 'dangerous,' Obama, Biden and other Democrats say," New York Daily News, March 9, 2015

3. "Republicans are crossing a dangerous new line: sabotaging US foreign policy,", March 9, 2015

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