Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Help working families: four game changers

Don't miss four game-changing ideas for families. Watch and share the latest Big Picture video now!
Dear fellow MoveOn member,

Politicians talk a good deal about the "importance of family," but they need to do a much better job delivering. No one should have to choose between providing for their family and being a good parent.

In the second three-minute video in our Big Picture series, MoveOn and I lay out four game-changing ideas that will help—a lot.

Please watch and share Help Working Families now: 

The Big Picture: 10 Ideas to Save the Economy

Over the next weeks, MoveOn and I will bring you more commonsense ideas that have the power to make our economy work for everyone. We'll be relying on you to tell us which ideas you like most by sharing them with your friends and family.

MoveOn will launch full-blown campaigns—in solidarity with our allies—on the ideas that get the most traction, so make sure to watch and vote—by sharing—to help us get these ideas in front of millions of Americans!

Thanks for all you do.

–Robert Reich

P.S. In case you missed it, once you've watched Help Working Families, be sure to check out the timely Fight for $15, which you can access through the website.

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